Chris Rae is a Sydney based multidisciplinary graphic designer with a well established portfolio in print, web and brand design.

After receiving awards for Most Outstanding Typography and Best Graduating Portfolio at Brisbane's best design school, Design College Australia, Chris went on to further his study at Sydney's highly respected design college, Billy Blue

Since graduating Chris has worked with start-ups, agencies and small business. As a regular contributor to the local design industry, brands and businesses, Chris is a creative professional with a clear vision.  

Chris' experience in design is built by the world around him, the music he listens to, the things he sees, the people he meets and the experiences he has. What Chris most enjoys about being a designer is being able to creatively use everyday life and the things discovered along the way as part of his profession.


Brand & Identity design
Graphic design
Web design
Creative Direction

As a freelance creative director Chris manages a wider range of services for small, growing and new business and one off projects. These creative and technical services include:

Web Development
Digital Content creation
Image creation
Environmental Design & Signage
Social Media marketing
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation