Paramount Dental

Brand & Identity Design,
Brand Naming

Private dental practice, Paramount Dental Sydney, was established in 2017 by Dr Amrinder Oberoi who’s goal was to create a contemporary dental practice. He believed that current dental practices were out of touch with young audiences and uninteresting and unapproachable in general to wider audiences. Our brief was to name the brand and design it in entirety from logo to office interiors. The brand we created mixes familiar and traditional dental brand elements with a contemporary and clean edge.




Web Design

The brief for the Paramount Dental website was simple - ‘Don’t do what any other dentist is doing’. For us that was easy as most medical websites are lacking in any visually appealing content or well structured information. To do this we ensured outdated elements were excluded, such as marketing language, medical jargon, repetitive content and over used imagery.


Print Design & Packaging

A wide variety of print material has been designed for Paramount Dental including stationary, information booklets, fact sheets, uniform logos and packaging. The print material is an extension of the brand design and makes use of the soft colour palette and gold highlights.


Photography by Colin Li


Social Media Marketing

The variety of print design includes stationary, process documents and financial guides


Photography Production

A series of photoshoots bring together the brand’s unique style, shows off their new team and their new office and interiors.


Photography by Colin Li and Guy Davies


Video Production

To complete the brand’s collection of unique content a patient journey video was created. The video displays the brand’s services, interiors, processes and staff.


Video production by Cain Cooper


Environmental Design

The interiors of the dental practice were chosen to reflect the brand identity. This included use of grey fabric, marble stone finishes, gold highlights and natural woods. This set of imagery was designed to compliment the interiors.


Photography by Colin Li


Events Design

To introduce Paramount Dental to one of it’s key demographics, an interactive stall was put together for Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 2018 at the annual Fair Day. The day was captured on film to market the business during the Mardi Gras season.